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Mondays, 8.00-9.00 AM IST

INR 725/- : Drop-in class

Focused on building your strength, flexibility, mobility and inversions, our goals include:


• Stronger and more flexible hips, hamstrings and quads - think better squats, lunges & deadlifts, the ability to touch your toes, less joint pain, and deeper splits

• More mobility and strength in your back and shoulders - making those overhead lifts easier, drastically improving posture, reduced neck/shoulder tension, and enhancing back bends

• Stronger arms & core -  enhanced push ups, planks, headstands & arm balances

• Coordinating your breath and movement patterns aiding fluidity

• Be consistent in your commitment to a healthier body and mind

• Train and network with a community of like-minded individuals

Class flow: 60 minutes

Equipment required:

•A yoga mat

•A pair of yoga blocks (preferably foam)

•A yoga strap (can be substituted with a belt or long scarf or towel at home)



Note: Variations & modifications are available for students of different levels. Please reach out to us to know if these classes are suitable for you.

Strength & Flex Flow (S&F)

Coming Soon !
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