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The 4 week structured Strength & Flex program assists you in building a stronger, healthier body & mind. The sessions focus on developing our strength, flexibility, mobility, and inversion practice.



Our Goals:


  • A refined foundational understanding of alignment & body awareness through the Intuitive Movement method


  • Increased mobility/flexibility improving our performance in sports, weight lifting, & various forms of workouts


  • Improved stability, balance and coordination that translates to enhanced performance in sports and other training methods, especially for unilateral movements & inversions


  • A strong core = a healthy lower back, specially for lifting weights, and  a more active lifestyle with less worry about pain


  • Progress in our splits & backbend journey, working from beginner to advanced poses. For dancers: Conditioning our flexibility for dance routines & aerial art forms (hoop, silks, pole, etc)


• Developing arm strength to aid our inversion journey with arm balances & headstands 


• Coordinating our breath and movement patterns aiding fluidity


• Consistency in our commitment to a healthier body and mind


• Be a member of a fun, supportive community thriving together



Our Schedule:



8:00 - 9:00 AM (IST) Live on Zoom (Online)

(You also have the convenience of training at your own time

 with the recordings; available for a week after each class)


Mondays : Hips & Legs focused

Wednesdays : Shoulders & Back focused

Fridays : Arms & Inversion focused


Tools that accelerate our journey:


A yoga mat

A set of yoga blocks (This is very important )

A yoga strap or long scarf/towel/shawl/belt

A glass of water (Hydration!)


For beginners/if you have very tight hamstrings:

A cushion, or folded towel/blanket to sit on when needed.



Note: Variations & modifications are available for students of different levels. Please reach out to us to know if these classes are suitable for you.

Cancellation Policy: All bookings are final. There will be no cancellations, transfers or refunds.

Disclaimer - 4 class pack & drop-ins are recommended for people who have previously trained with Joanna and are familiar with her style of teaching. It is also suitable for people who are new to training with Joanna, but already have a strong practice.

Alternatively one can purchase the recordings of the previous classes to build that foundation. Please do reach out to us for details.


Strength & Flex (S&F)

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