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Core Control

The only workout you can't afford to miss

About The Experiennce

This class is designed to target your core muscles: your transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis, obliques, pelvic floor, glutes and spinal stabilisers. Our goals/benefits include: • A strong core = a healthy lower back, specially for lifting heavy weights, all those shopping bags, and even your children • Improved stability, balance and coordination that translates to enhanced performance in sports and workouts, especially for unilateral movements • Better posture = significantly more efficiency in performing every day tasks • Learning correct breathing techniques to keep you calm and at ease even while training • Be part of a community with similar goals and mindsets Equipment required: • A yoga mat • Keep a towel and bottle of water handy • Keep a pair of socks/towel handy for use for certain core workouts • (Optional - A resistance band & ankle weights can be incorporated into some workouts to take it up a notch) Note: Variations & modifications are available for students of different levels. Please reach out to us with any queries. ​

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

All sales are final, and will not be refunded unless instructor cancels the session. In the case that the instructor cancels, the student will be fully refunded. If the student cancels with LESS than 24 hours before the planned session, the student will NOT be refunded nor rescheduled. If the student cancels with MORE than 48 hours before the planned session, they ARE able to reschedule a new session within the instructor’s availability.

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