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INR 725/- : Drop-in class

Fluid Flexibility

Wednesdays, 8.00-9.00 AM IST

The flexibility flow incorporates mobility sequences, active flexibility conditioning and PNF drills, that will refine your skills.


Our goals include:


• Increased mobility in your back, shoulders, legs and hips improving your performance in sports, weight lifting, & many other forms of workouts

• Progress in your splits & backbend journey, working from beginner to advanced poses

• For dancers: Conditioning your flexibility for dance routines & aerial art forms (hoop, silks, pole, etc)

• A more active life with less worry about pain

• Correct use of props and assistive tools to aid body awareness and alignment

• Be part of a fun community thriving together

Class flow: 60 minutes

Equipment required:

•A yoga mat

•A pair of yoga blocks (preferably foam)

•A yoga strap (can be substituted with a belt or long scarf or towel at home)



Note: Variations & modifications are available for students of different levels. Please reach out to us to know if these classes are suitable for you.

Coming Soon !
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